How to win the #DontHaveAnAttentionGate campaign

A campaign to prevent the use of hashtags in political messages has been launched by the RTE in an effort to highlight the importance of using social media to communicate.

The campaign, which is a collaboration between the Irish National Party (INP) and social media platform Twitter, aims to encourage people to “look beyond the headlines” in their daily lives.

“People will be more aware of how their words affect other people’s lives, not just their own,” said one of the leaders of the campaign, RTE social media expert and RTE News presenter, Richard Murphy.

“That means they will be able to say ‘well, I’ve been told that I’m a bad person by my friends, by people I trust and by those who respect me’.”

It also means people will be aware that not everyone agrees with what they say.

That’s the most important message.

“The campaign aims to use social media platforms to promote positive messages around equality, justice and human rights.

It’s called #DONTHANGAGATE and it aims to be launched by tomorrow’s #CorkTreats and #CORKBAN marches.”

We know hashtags can help, but the message has to be one that really resonates with the people of Cork and the people across the country who need a voice to say their voices have value,” said Murphy.

In the campaign’s launch video, one of its leaders, Sean Díaz, says that the hashtags “don’t matter” when it comes to public policy and the political process.”

The more people who use hashtags, the more we’ll hear that message,” he said.”

In the last election campaign, the party’s message was a lot more nuanced, and people listened to it.

“It also has a hashtag for people to help people avoid hashtags.”

If you see #CockneysDontHangAGate, it’s there for you to find out what hashtags mean to the people who aren’t tweeting them,” he added.”

There’s something for everyone.

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