What’s the best restaurant in OKC? Here’s what we know so far

OKC, March 15, 2020 – OKC’s most famous restaurant is opening, and the first three stars will be reserved for it.

The Four Seasons Oklahoma City has a reputation for serving the best in Oklahomans cuisine.

But there’s a catch: the restaurant has been in operation for only one day.

The restaurant’s owners, James and Kristin Schmitz, are hoping to put the restaurant on the map, as well.

Their story will be the first in a long line of culinary adventures for OKC restaurants, as their company, Four Seasons OKC opened a new location in March.

In a video posted on the restaurant’s Facebook page, James Schmitze explained why he and his wife opened the restaurant, and they wanted to share their story with the world.

“We were always drawn to Oklahoma City, and we were drawn to our hometown,” he said in the video.

“But it wasn’t until we moved here that we really realized the amazing city and its people.

We started this business, we made a lot of friends, and now we’re opening our first restaurant.

The rest will follow.

We really want to bring a new sense of OKC.”

The restaurant will serve up dishes from around the world and be known as the world’s first Oklahoma City restaurant.

There’s also a new twist: Four Seasons has been able to create a menu specifically for the Oklahoman, as James Schmitez said he “didn’t want to serve an American cuisine, so we made this American menu.”

The menu will include everything from BBQ, ribs, brisket and ribs, to burgers, chicken and wings, all wrapped up in a delicious Oklahoma City twist.

It’s been called a “triple treat” by some and a “bigger-than-life experience” by others.

James and his family have been working on the menu since they opened the Four Seasons in 2016.

“I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve ever worked with the people who do the business of cooking for us,” he told The Oklahomer.

“It’s just a blast, and it’s a really exciting opportunity for me and my family to be able to do this.

We’re very proud to bring this to the people.”

James Schmittze is not the only chef at Four Seasons to open his own restaurant.

Michael Johnson opened his own bar and restaurant, B.O. Bar, in March of 2018.

“This has been an amazing journey and a great adventure,” he wrote on Facebook.

“The hospitality, the food, the people, and all the amazing experiences we have all made it such a pleasure to work here and make a real difference in the lives of so many people.

The food is delicious and I can’t wait to serve you all in the coming months.”

The Four Season OKC is located at 910 S. Broadway, OKC.

All restaurant times are subject to change.

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