Which Chicago events will you attend?

A year after the Chicago Fireball was unveiled, an independent Chicago events group is putting together an event called Exposure Events.

The event will be held at the city’s main McCormick Place mall and will feature a variety of live music, dance and arts performances.

“It’s a unique opportunity for us to share our experiences and show what we have in common with other artists and events,” said Ben Sasso, the executive director of the Independent Events Committee of Chicago.

The group has worked with local artists to host their own events, and they are looking for people from all walks of life to bring their skills and passions.

Sasso said the event will showcase local talent in their own unique style.

“We are trying to bring more people together to share what they do best,” he said.

The Independent Events Council of Chicago (ICEC) is a nonprofit that brings together groups from all over the city to promote independent events.

The city’s independent event scene is still relatively small, with only about 1,500 events registered for this year, according to the city.

The largest of those is the annual Art Basel Chicago, which draws thousands of attendees each year.

But the city is rapidly growing, and the independent events industry is growing too.

The number of events in Chicago rose by 50 percent last year to nearly 2,000, according the nonprofit.

In March, the city opened a new pavilion on McCormick Street that will showcase new projects, and another pavilion is being built for the summer of 2019.

A new park for outdoor concerts and festivals is under construction, and there is also an open house for the next installment of the Art Basels, which is due in 2020.

The Chicago Independent Events Association (CIAs) hopes to attract a younger, diverse crowd to the event and is also hosting a contest for anyone interested in attending a new event.

“In terms of the city as a whole, I think it is still pretty young,” Sasso told ABC News.

“This year is definitely a turning point.”

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