How to celebrate a wedding with the best of the city, experts say

The New York Times article In New York, where the temperature is always over 40 degrees, the perfect place to have a wedding is the city itself.

The ideal spot for the ceremony is a rooftop terrace with views of the East River, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park and the Brooklyn Bridge, or to have the reception at a restaurant overlooking the Hudson River.

In most other American cities, the best place to be in New York is in the suburbs.

A wedding at the top of Manhattan’s West Side Highway might be even better.

But for many of the New York City wedding planners I spoke with, the top choice for the perfect spot is a restaurant rooftop overlooking Central Park.

It’s not just for weddings.

“You don’t want to get too far away from the city,” said Jennifer Reardon, the author of The Wedding Revolution: How to Prepare for the New World, which focuses on urban weddings.

The wedding planners surveyed more than 20,000 couples in New Jersey and New York and found that a rooftop wedding, which includes a reception on the rooftop, is a must for couples seeking a more intimate, romantic, outdoor ceremony.

A rooftop wedding can also make it easier to arrange a wedding day.

A couple can opt for a rooftop ceremony, but a rooftop can make it more difficult to arrange an indoor wedding or an outdoor wedding, the wedding planners said.

“The idea is that it can be more intimate and more personal and more intimate-type of ceremony,” said Sarah Hines, the founder of the wedding planning site Wedding Weddings.

A large gathering on a rooftop also offers a chance to get away from people.

The most popular option for outdoor weddings is a bar or restaurant, where guests can gather and socialize, according to the Wedding Revolution website.

But wedding planners also recommend that a couple bring a guest, too.

If a couple has two or more guests, they can invite both and plan a cocktail reception, where they can toast the couple at the bar, according the website Wedding Revolution.

The planners found that outdoor weddings also made a wedding more memorable, with more than half of the couples surveyed saying they thought it was a great wedding.

“If you’re planning a wedding on the East Side, you want to go to the best location, the one that offers a great view of the skyline, and if the sky is clear and the clouds are clear, it is more memorable,” said Sara Kopple, the co-founder of the Wedding Weddies website.

For weddings in the urban areas of New York or New Jersey, the biggest advantage to having a rooftop is a better view.

A study conducted by the New Jersey Department of Tourism found that weddings in urban areas get about 10 percent more visitors than in rural areas.

“We’re seeing a lot more people from the urban centers,” said Reardon.

But, like many urban wedding planners, Reardon is not convinced that a wedding rooftop is the best choice.

“There’s no one reason,” she said.

Many of the best rooftop wedding venues include a large pool, where people can soak up the sun and relax.

“It’s not a place where you’re getting too hot,” said Hines.

“They’re still hot.”

A wedding can be especially successful if the venue is well equipped.

“When it’s a wedding reception, it’s usually the best time of year to be on a wedding roof because you have the best views,” said Koppling.

The Garden State is famous for its outdoor weddings, and many wedding planners recommend that couples bring a small group of friends or family members to a wedding.

If the couple is planning to have kids, the couple can also bring a pet to help them feel at home, and the reception can be at a picnic table or at a park bench overlooking the river.

But even if the wedding is indoors, the guests will need to make sure they’re comfortable.

“People get pretty emotional during a wedding,” said Kim O’Connell, a wedding planner based in Brooklyn.

“I would advise couples to wear comfortable clothing, and a lot of times people don’t know what they’re wearing,” she added.

“Somebody should be able to help you.”

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