Why ‘renegade’ Jordanians are still fighting – again

Jordanians have never been known for their pacifism, but after decades of economic hardship, the Jordanian people have shown a renewed willingness to take up arms against the Arab world’s most powerful military.

As the war against Israel nears its climax, the military has continued to fight alongside the Arab League in the fight against Iran’s aggression.

In the past, the warring factions in the Arab World have had their share of troubles, but no one has had a more successful campaign against Israel than Jordan.

Over the years, Jordan has taken a number of risks, most notably during the 2003 Iraq war.

During the war, thousands of Iraqi refugees and other Palestinians were expelled from the country.

Jordan had no choice but to deal with the problem, which resulted in the mass expulsion of Palestinians from the Arab country.

During a series of attacks against the Israeli military, which had been responsible for the mass expulsions, the Jordanians were able to expel some 800,000 of the Palestinian refugees.

However, in 2003, the Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat, was killed by Israeli forces while traveling in Jordan, resulting in the deaths of Arafat’s wife, a prominent human rights activist and two of his children.

The Palestinians were able then to expel Palestinians from Jordan.

A large number of Palestinian refugees, who had been living in Jordan for years, fled to Jordan and joined the resistance in the form of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

The Palestinian leadership in Jordan was very much against the war and was not willing to go to war against the Israelis.

After the war was over, the Palestinians decided to join forces with the Lebanese resistance group Hezbollah.

They became known as the “PFLP-GC,” and the PFLP was later renamed the Islamic Resistance Movement of Jordan.

The Islamic Resistance Forces were able not only to expel large numbers of Israeli settlers from the Palestinian territory, but also expel the Israeli forces.

The PFLO-GC, however, remained a highly fragmented entity, with the armed wing, the Islamic Movement of Syria, and other armed groups.

The armed wing of the PPLP, the Revolutionary Command Council, was formed in 2000.

After several attempts at peace, the PLC, the umbrella organization of the various factions, agreed to form the Popular Resistance Front in 2005, which was the first group to form in Jordan.

In 2006, the Syrian branch of the Islamic Front of Jordan was formed.

The Popular Resistance Forces formed a coalition government with the Popular Council of Jordan, the Supreme Military Council and the Revolutionary Council of the National Resistance Front, the main Syrian opposition group.

After establishing their government, the Popular Forces also announced the creation of the “Jabal al-Qasr” (Holy War) movement, which would be a part of the Syrian opposition’s campaign against the Assad regime.

The Syrian branch has been able to form alliances with the Free Syrian Army and other rebel groups in order to wage the “holy war” against the Syrian government.

Jordanians in the Popular Movement for the liberation of Palestine have continued to take part in the war in order not to lose face.

In 2015, Jordanian troops, supported by the Lebanese army, occupied the Lebanese border city of Tripoli.

At the time, the Lebanese government was trying to negotiate with the Syrian regime.

After nearly five years of fighting, the two sides signed a cease-fire agreement that ended the war.

The agreement was signed on October 3, 2016, but the Syrian army and Hezbollah, who were not invited to the signing ceremony, attacked the border area.

Since then, Jordanians who were present at the signing have faced a constant barrage of rockets and artillery shells fired from Lebanon, while Lebanese soldiers have been trapped in their military bases in the area.

The Israeli army was not able to take back Tripoli, but it did prevent the Syrian-backed Popular Fronts forces from capturing the border city, leaving it in the hands of Hezbollah and the Syrian resistance.

The United Nations recently announced the “end of the war” and declared a ceasefire in Syria.

In 2016, the international community announced that Jordan, along with Lebanon, was the last country in the region to accept Syrian refugees.

Jordan was the only country in Europe that accepted Syrian refugees, while it also took in Lebanese refugees.

In 2017, the government announced that the Syrian refugees will be able to return to their country.

However this has been delayed until 2020.

In 2019, Jordan announced that it will allow Syrian refugees to return home.

However Jordan has not officially declared a truce, and the Lebanese-Syrian border is still closed.

A truce in Syria has been declared in March 2018, but only after the United Nations Security Council decided to postpone the decision.

The ceasefire in 2018 ended the civil war in Syria, but there are still numerous violations.

The situation has worsened since the ceasefire was announced, with Syrian and Russian forces continuing their attacks on the Jordanian border.

As a result, Jordan’s government has been forced to launch a massive offensive

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