Why the world doesn’t know about the Sony hacking scandal

By CNN’s John SperryThe news media has been a major source of public information about the North Korean nuclear crisis and the Sony hack, and it’s important to remember that while the US and other Western nations may have some insight into what’s going on, that knowledge is often incomplete.

The U.S. has not published an official statement on the North Korea crisis, but the U.N. Security Council last week passed a resolution condemning the North’s “nuclear and ballistic missile programs” and called on Pyongyang to end its weapons program.

“We know very little about what’s happening, about what kind of impact it has on the wider world, and so we don’t know where it is going to take us, and we have no idea whether the United States will come out of it with a different perspective,” CNN’s Matthew Chance said.

Chance said the story of Sony, which was hit by hackers on December 6, and how the company dealt with it and what went wrong, is a “wake up call” for the U,S.

and the world.

“The US and the rest of the world should be really careful what they do, what they say, how they do it, and what they’re doing to try to understand what is going on in the North,” Chance said, adding that he thinks the North Koreans are aware of the U.,S.


Chance’s analysis of the Sony hacks is part of a new CNN documentary series called “The Last Stand,” which will debut on Netflix on November 10.

Chance, who was also in charge of the “The Real Russia” documentary series, said he has seen a lot of new stories coming out of North Korea.

“What I have seen over the last year is a huge increase in stories that show North Korea’s role in this hacking,” Chance told CNN’s Dana Bash on “The Situation Room.”

Chance also said he believes that North Korea may have been involved in the Sony attacks because they were the first two companies to be targeted by North Korean hackers.

“And then Sony came out and it was an obvious point that the next step would be to do the same thing, and I think that’s what led to it,” Chance added.

In an interview with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota, Chance said that North Korean President Kim Jong Un has a “big ego” and that he is not very cooperative when it comes to information sharing.

“I think he feels like the U of S and the U (US) are not going to let him out of his bubble.

And he doesn’t like to be alone with somebody that he disagrees with, so he really has a big ego and he really is not a very good communicator,” Chance explained.

Chance added that he also believes the U and the US are working together to bring North Korea into compliance with the nuclear nonproliferation treaty and that the North has “a very strong incentive to cooperate with the US on this.”

“We’ve had a very clear, strong relationship with North Korea, and that’s why I think they’re trying to do everything they can to help get them to the table to work out their own nuclear issues, so they can help get this solved,” Chance concluded.

“There’s a lot more to it than just the Sony stuff,” Chance continued.

“The bigger picture, I think, is that we don`t know how far down the road things are going to go.

We don`re not sure how much damage this is going be able to do.”

The “The Russia” series, which will be premiering on Netflix in October, is the first documentary series to explore the North and its role in the nuclear crisis.

The film follows former KGB agent Sergei Magnitsky, who died after exposing the Russian government’s tax evasion, as he investigated allegations that Russian officials were involved in a $230 million tax fraud scheme.

Magnitsksy was charged with fraud and tax evasion and died in custody in prison.

The documentary series is being produced by James Gray and Alexei Navalny, who were convicted of corruption in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics and sentenced to 15 years in prison for running a political movement.

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