How to get your own ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic tattoo: What to know about the artist and how to get a custom one

The Weird Al’s birthday has just ended, and he’s set to hit the road to celebrate.

On Thursday, Yankovsky, who died last year at the age of 69, will perform at a show at the Houston Livestock Expo in Texas.

The show is called “The Weird Al” and will include his trademark face and signature tattoo.

While it’s not officially a public event, the event is expected to attract thousands of fans.

Yankowsky’s tattoo, which can be purchased at the artist’s website, is a combination of the letters “WAL” and “AL.”

You can buy a personalized, one-of-a-kind one-to-one, or you can pay $20 for a customized one.

To get your personalized tattoo, just come to the show and pay for your personalized one-off, according to Yankiewicz.

You’ll then receive a message at the end of the show with the name of the artist you chose, along with a personalized photo.

You can choose to be contacted by an agent, and if so, what he or she will tell you about the tattoo.

Yanks website also has a guide on how to create a personalized tattoo.

To pay $10 for a personalized one, you need to show up at the show at 11:30 a.m. on Thursday.

You will then have to wait until the following morning to get the tattoo done, Yanks site states.

Once you have the tattoo, you’ll have to email it to the artist for him or her to complete the tattoo on you.

Once you’ve received the tattoo and it’s completed, the artist will send a personalized message to the person who paid for the one-on-one session, which you’ll get to decide on.

The artist will then take the photo of you and mail it to him or herself.

For $25, you can get a personalized two-on, two-off tattoo.

The two-in tattoo, according for the artist, is $5 and includes a signature, YANKJOYZY said.

The signature is $20.

The tattoo will be done on your own skin and the two-of tattoos will cost $25 each.

The second one is not an official public event.

According to Yanks Facebook page, he and his wife, actress, model and musician Alana were originally set to have a child in October, but decided to postpone the wedding until later in the year.

The couple will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the birth of their first child on December 8.

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