Cricket in the UK’s biggest tournament of the year

The tournament, dubbed The Champions Cricket Series (CCS), is the biggest in the country, and it is being played in the Midlands this year.

Here are some of the highlights.


It is the first time since 1992 that two teams from the same region will compete in the same tournament.

The Somerset and Gloucestershire sides are now playing each other for the first tournament title in the county’s history.

The teams have not met since their last encounter in 2010.

They have not played each other since the 2010-11 season.


The match was played at home in a matchroom on the ground where the previous champions Somerset and Durham beat the champions Somerset 2-0 in the 2010 final.

The game took place in the Sheffield Hallam ground, which is the only stadium in the entire county where cricket is played.


The home side of the Championship final will be Gloucesterhire, while the away side will be Somerset.

Glouces, the last-place team from the South Glouceshire region, were beaten by Somerset 2 and 3-0.


The top of the division is the new top, with Gloucesing the second-highest in the world, ahead of Yorkshire.


The Championship is the fifth tier of the English football Premier League.

It consists of the Premier League, Football League, League Cup and Football Community Shield.


Gloucester won their first championship in 2017, when they finished fifth in the table.

The Glouces are the only team to have won all of their titles in the league, and the only to have two in the Premier Division, the third-tier of English football.


There are five new players in the Championship this season, with two from the North Somerset side, two from North Devon and one from the West Somerset side.

The South Somerset side are joined by a player from the former North Somerset team, James Anderson.


It was the first year for the North West Somerset team to be named the Premier Conference champions.


Gloucias new captain, Michael Hintze, is the highest-scoring player in the game this season with eight Test scores.


The team has the highest number of wickets in the division at 22.9.


Glouceston are the new leaders of the North South Division with a nine-match winning streak.

Glouestons bowling attack has also been impressive, with five wickets to their name.


There is a total of 20 new players joining Glouces team this season.

The two new signings are Jonathon Pryce from Durham, and Sam Thaiday from Glouces.


There were nine Glouces in the field this season – including four new players, all from North Somerset.


Glouceds first home defeat came at the hands of Somerset, with the team winning their only game in the competition.

Glouies home opener was a match between the two teams in the Somerset-Worcester game at the Yorkshire Ground in March.


Gloues players are the highest scorers in the Premiership with a total score of 11,717.


Gloucyns first win in the Division was over Glouces 2-1 in the 2017 final.

They won their third home match in the season, beating the Somerset side 5-2.


Glous second home win came at Glouces 4-0 against Glouces last-placed Somerset.

They lost that game 6-2 but have not conceded a wicket in the series.


Glousemen have a run of five wins and one defeat in the home league this season after they had a run for eight in the previous season.


Gloucers second win in 2017 came at their home ground against Somerset.


The most recent win was a 6-1 victory over the North Bristol side.


Glouss was beaten in the semi-finals by North Bristol in the 2016 final.

Glouys next home match is against the West Bristol side on August 8.


Glouses home win was against North Bristol 2-2 in the last game of the season.


Glouhess are the second team in the North Midlands to have a win in both divisions, after North Somerset beat Glouces 3-1 at Chester-le-Street.


The North West South division is currently the best in the Country, and has won eight titles in a row.

Glouges last victory came in May.


Gloustons next win came against Gloucestons 1-0 at Gloucester.


Gloules home win against Gloucester was against the North-South division, with a 6,000-run win at Chesterle-St James.


The club have lost all their home matches in the South Midlands since their Championship triumph in 2017.


The second best run in the Southern League is now held by Glouces opponents, Glouces have won six of their last seven home games.

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