When will NBA and NFL owners be able to sue over ‘fake news’?

The American Conservatives will release its annual Sports Business of the Year report this week, which is expected to reveal the state of the business in the wake of a lawsuit filed against the league and the owners by two major sports media outlets. 

“This is an important issue,” said Michael D. Hirsch, the executive vice president of the American Conservative.

“There is an increasing interest by sports leagues in suing the owners of major sports for defamation.

The issue of the ‘fake’ news that’s on social media is very significant.”

The lawsuit, which was filed in state court in Virginia last month, seeks to invalidate an arbitration ruling by the National Basketball Players Association that found the league’s owners are not liable for the spread of misinformation on social platforms like Twitter and Facebook. 

The ruling was widely viewed as a blow to the owners, who say they were not responsible for the misinformation on their platforms. 

In the lawsuit, the players argue that the owners should be responsible for all “deceptive” material posted on their sites that has no connection to the NBA or any of its teams.

The owners argue that their platforms should not be held liable for content that does not exist.

The lawsuit comes amid a new era of scrutiny of social media platforms as they seek to regulate the use of the platforms.

The NBA and other leagues, including the NFL, MLB and NHL, have sued to stop social media companies from using the platforms to disseminate information about their teams. 

Some of those companies, including Facebook, have faced backlash for their use of bots to report on players, which the league has said are part of a larger problem of misinformation.

But the lawsuit also highlights the increasingly complicated relationship between sports leagues and social media sites.

“The courts have said the leagues are immune from any liability,” said Brian Levin, a law professor at George Washington University.

“The courts are now beginning to see this as a real problem.”

The NBA, which last year reported $6.4 billion in revenue, has sued the owners in at least four states to try to block their use to distribute information on its platforms.

The lawsuit has been consolidated with a similar lawsuit filed by the players last year in the Eastern District of Virginia.

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